Television Series - Historical / Western

In 1877 Kansas, a fugitive young widow evades the law, is helped by a bounty hunter, and overcomes fear as she tries to rescue her young sons from an elusive, vicious and lecherous father-in-law headed for Apache country.  WG#: 719464 / 727489 (Also offered as a screenplay)  

Complete Synopsis:
In 1877 Dodge City, Anna's drunken husband Luke is shot. Her father-in-law, wealthy Silas, his ardent advances once rejected by her, accuses her of murder. He tries to own her by saying he will bribe witnesses. She refuses. Silas tells her 7 and 9 year old sons she is dead and takes them to his crooked brother Burn's ranch in southern Colorado. Silas gets his other son Jonas, a lawyer who also loves her, to help her escape. A fugitive, Anna is desperate to find her sons. The freight wagons taking her secretly west are attacked as she bathes in the Cimarron River. On foot and alone, she walks west. An outlaw/bounty hunter Danny Montana finds her. He takes her further west. With a price on his head, Danny fights bounty hunters hired by Burn to kill him. He hides her with Charlie, former scout, who raised him.

2. Silas gets help from Burn to hide the boys as Silas needs them to get Anna in his clutches. Jonas comes west to meet Anna but hides when he sees six Chiricahua Apache attack the ranch and take the boys. Silas and Burn take a posse after the Apache. Anna, Danny, Charlie and a young Drifter track them.

3. Anna and friends meet ranchers fighting rustlers in New Mexico Territory. The ranchers hire Danny and Charlie. Anna and her mother work as cooks. The rustlers' trail points to Burn.

4. Mescaleros are seen with a young boy. At great risk, with Charlie and her mother's help, Anna and Danny rescue the boy, who is not hers. They take him back to a grateful family in Mesilla. Jonas finds her and pleads his love with bribery. She escapes.

5. Silas buys the boys' freedom with rifles and spirits them to California. Anna and friends are in pursuit. Silas, still in love, wants Anna alive but tries to have the others killed.

6. In a gold mining camp, Silas puts the boys to work hauling water. He takes over a gambling house and makes a lot of money. Anna and party are too late. Silas sent the boys away with a girlfriend and tries to use the boys to get Anna.

7. Anna and party locate the boys, rescue them, and head for New Mexico Territory with Silas in pursuit. Silas now has a small army in his pay. Silas and Jonas fight over her. SERIES continues with Anna and friends constantly on the move with the boys. Silas, competing with Jonas, is all the more passionate and vicious. Burn, who heads the rustlers, raises the bounty on Danny. Actual killer of her husband is later revealed. 
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