Television Series - Historical / Western

Pilot based on the screenplay THE GRANT CONSPIRACY MURDERS, 1880.(Feature length or epic both available. Matt Tyler, a young lawyer, who saved Grant's life during the War, is hired by an evil firm in the Colorado Rockies, hoping to draw Grant into their web, while stirring up the miners. The local sheriff, a black inventor and Jennifer, a young newspaper woman, try to help Matt ferret out the truth of the plot to assassinate Grant. A hatchet killer is eliminating law clerk witnesses. (Based in part on a true event.)  WG#: 614721  

Complete Synopsis:
The feature length or epic GRANT CONSPIRACY MURDERS, 1880, is set in Mountain Springs, the title for the proposed series. The role of the sheriff will be built up as an anchor for new and ongoing events. The evil partners in the law firm are dead, but the nasty brothers of one of them arrives to take their place in the firm, creating more mischief. Political intrigue, state history, roving gunmen, all create ongoing problems for the sheriff, Matt, Jennifer, and the inventor.
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