Screenplay - Historical / Western

In 1876, an ex-lawman tries to settle in a valley of killers, resorts to black mask and bedevilment while romancing a rich man's gold-digging but lovable fiancé.   WG#: 755110  can spinoff to tv series; can be animated

Complete Synopsis:
In 1876, EMMETT STRONG, a deputy U.S. Marshal, is fed up with killers like Sid Taggart being freed in court and finds himself about to turn into one of them. Receiving an inheritance, he resigns and heads over La Veta Pass in the Colorado Rockies to join Neil Korman, who had taken him in as an orphan. Emmett knows that Taggart's father lives in the same valley.

On arrival at the ferry on the Rio Grande, Emmett learns that the vicious Rad Bromley own most of the valley. When a masked man called Black Rider sets the ferry on a wild ride down river, Emmett finds himself saving the life of Penny, Lou Bromley's fiancé, who resents him on sight and is after Lou's money.

Emmett reaches the Korman ranch only to learn that Neil, who had been the Black Rider in an effort to help besieged settlers, had been killed. At the behest of Neil's teenage son Asa, Emmett takes on the black clothes and mask.

As a masked rider, Emmett finds himself making love to Penny every chance he gets. She is beginning to respond despite herself.

Across the valley, Thorn Taggart has his own little empire. To stop Bromley from killing settlers, Emmett as Black Rider finds ways to set Taggart and Bromley against each other. When Sid Taggart kidnaps Penny, the war erupts.

When Sid Taggart tries to murder his own father, the Taggart men run off, leaving Emmett, Penny, Asa and Tooby, a Taggart man, to fight off the rampaging Bromley army at the Taggart stronghold. 
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