Screenplay - Historical / Western

In 1879, bitter Nathan Reed hunts a Comanchero, stumbles into army corruption, finds his lost son, and rescues a young woman staked out by Apache, not knowing she's in further jeopardy from the man he tracks.    WG#: 789482  

Complete Synopsis:
In 1879 New Mexico Territory, Nathan Reed, army scout on a vengance trail,stumbles onto Leslie Cromwell, who is staked out by the Apaches as bait.

Nathan saves her life and brings her to Fort Royale, which is run with corruption from the commanding officer Captain Paine to the sutler's post, operated by the wealthy traders, the Cromwells. Leslie is a widow of the brother of Titus and Jason Cromwell.

In Black River, Jason is acting weird. She manages to escape his control to find her way as a schoolteacher. Jason will not let her be.

Nathan, whose wife and son were said to have been murdered by raiding Comancheros led by Wolf, is to meet his old friend Quincy, who brings Nathan's son, still alive.

Nathan is elated and thankful, but he still must pursue Wolf, who is said to be back in operation after 3 years and near Black River Mountains.

A young deputy Dooley is a government undercover agent sent to uncover the corruption the Cromwells have spread in the town and fort. The Cromwells supply the Mescalero Reservation but charge the government for another 500 Apaches that do not exist, along with other tricks of subterfuge.

Because the fort is also involved, a black troop is sent to work with Dooley. Dooley joins forces with Nathan to stop the run of stolen cattle being shipped to the army by Cromwell.

An old timer, Beeler, who tried to kill Nathan, also joins in to gain immunity.

When auditors and special marshals arrive at the fort, Paine rushes to the Cromwells, who murder him, gather their goods and a store of government gold,abduct Leslie and Nathan's son, along with Lupe, a servant of the Cromwells, and head south toward Mexico.

Nathan, Quincy, Beeler, and Chavez, a rancher friend, track the Cromwells through Blanco Canyon, where Apaches have killed off most of the party, leaving Titus for dead. Dying, Titus tells Nathan that Jason is Wolf.

Nathan and his party catch up with the Cromwells. On a cliff, while Nathan and Jason fight it out, Leslie slides off the edge and hangs on for dear life.

(Based on Lee Martin's 1993 novel; author holds all rights.)
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