Screenplay - Historical / Western

A haunted, aimless man learns his parents died in a feud when he was a child, and, with the grumbling scout who reared him, tracks the killers into a valley of death where a mysterious woman barber, a besieged young woman rancher,and a strange peddler become his allies, as he discovers a new chance in life, while riding to a deadly conclusion.    WG#: 620158

Complete Synopsis:
In 1876, a haunted Laredo learns from a fellow scout who found him as a child that his family was murdered by Harringtons in a violent ongoing feud. With his friend, he tracks them to a settlement where he finds unexpected help from a mysterious woman barber and a peddler. He rescues a young woman rancher from the Harrington's oppression as the Harringtons discover his identity and close in for the kill.

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