Screenplay - Adventure / Suspense
Ginger, bill-sponsor, finds unexpected courage when she stumbles into killers from her ex-husband's law firm, the F.B.I., a local undercover cop and corruption in a state capitol. WG#: 728028

Complete Synopsis:
Ginger Truhart, a computer specialist in data recovery, is a one-time bill-sponsor. At the capitol of a Western state, she encounters the FBI, which is investigating graft in the legislature and recruits her for any information she may inadvertently discover.

Ginger also runs into an opposing lobbyist, Michael Callahan, who carries a snub-nosed .38.

Her ex-husband runs an evil law firm for Radini, a known racketeer, and when she becomes too curious, she is threatened.

She becomes interested in the amusing Michael. Scenes reveal that Grimley, one of Ginger's beaus and the governor's legislative secretary, is involved with Radini.

Joe Ross, lawyer at the firm, fights with Ginger's ex husband Corrigan.

Joe's car is soon flying into the air off a freeway ramp. He is killed.

Caroline Ross, Joe's mother and receptionist for the governor, fears for her life. Grimley, fearful for his own position and safety, argues with the gangsters. His calls are monitored by the FBI.

At a reception, Ginger receives veiled threats from her ex Corrigan when she refuses to believe Joe was drunk.

Michael walks her to her car in the garage and find it has been broken into and partially disabled, having interrupted an attempt to plant a bomb. A dark figure is watching. Michael insists on driving her home. He checks her house.

She sees the snub-nosed .38 under his coat. He only admits to being a reserve deputy sheriff. After he leaves, she receives a call from a frightened Caroline Ross, who wants to see her.

Caroline tells Ginger that she thinks her son was murdered, and she partially admits to being involved with transfer of information to Corrigan's law firm.

Caroline says that Joe told her one of Corrigan's clients was Radini, who wants to send the governor all the way to the White House, where they can control him.

At a committee hearing, Michael and Ginger, on opposite sides of legislation, learn Caroline is missing and that her car was found by the river.

Ginger talks to the FBI. She learns Caroline's purse was not in her car. She believes Caroline has faked her death. Michael believes Ginger is in danger and sees her home. When she kisses him, he tells her he is not free.

He stays until the surveillance team arrives and parks across the street. Ginger is still nervous when he leaves. She gets ready for bed and opens a closet door.

A pair of eyes stare at her. Ginger shrieks.

The person in the closet is Caroline, hiding out in fear. She says she was chased by a car that tried to run her off the road. She was afraid to go home. She left her car at the river and walked to a bus. She tells Ginger that her house was broken into and Joe's computer stolen.

Radini and his henchman Black are anxious to get any information they can from Joe's computer, in order to cover their tracks.

Michael tells Ginger that Joe was murdered. Grimley tells Ginger that there is no record of Michael in any sheriff's or government department, but Michael is loaded with money.

Ginger is abducted when Radini learns only Ginger can invade the experimental operating system that Joe was using in his computer.

With a violent storm upon them, Michael fakes his way into the mountain cabin where Ginger is being forced, by 3 thugs, to work on the computer.

With Feds and thugs in wild confrontation, the story moves toward a violent end.

(This screenplay serves as a pilot for a television series where Michael and Ginger continue fighting corruption and murder plots.)
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