Screenplay - Historical / Western

Billy secretly survives Garrett's bullet, escapes to a new life where he ends up fighting for justice, finds faith, redemption and love that may be destroyed by his thirst for vengeance.  WG#: 678357 

Complete Synopsis:
In 1881, William Bonney secretly survives the shooting by Pat Garrett. Billy learns it was Luis Lasado who shot Tunstall and betrayed Billy.

Officially dead with a new name, Billy Segunda, he goes north to hunt for Lasado. Fighting the world since he was 12, he finds no redemption until he saves a lawman's life, fights a range war, helps a 12 year old boy, and finds love with a villainous rancher's daughter.

Billy renews his faith in God but cannot stop his thirst for vengeance.

In a stampede, blazing fire, and his confrontation with Lasado, Billy's faces the fight of his life.
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