Screenplay - Adventure / Suspense
Jenny, with the help of a mysterious stranger who finds her stranded on the highway at night, races up the coast to escape her gambling-addicted, ex-husband Harry. WG#: 792241

Complete Synopsis:
In San Francisco, Jenny Lane tries to escape her ex-husband Harry Saxton, an addicted gambler. Harry knows she is inheriting money. He has caused her to lose her job by his constant harassment. Jenny packs up, fights with Harry and heads north up Highway 101 to get away from him.

Harry and his missing brothers are in a lot of trouble with Boneski, who runs a notorious card room. To make it worse, Harry accidentally kills Boneski's son. Harry steals a sports car and takes off after Jenny.

On Jenny's trail are two thugs in a Lincoln, who are looking for Harry.

When Jenny is stranded along the inland highway at night, the mysterious Mike Malloy, an undercover officer, scares off the Lincoln.

Mike offers to take her to Duncan, on the coast, where he says he's going deer hunting. He says his sister Suzanne will be at the cabin. Jenny has heard the name Duncan before, but can't remember.

Mike takes a mountain road to the coast. Half way up the grade, a lone truck accidentally runs them off the road. The Lincoln thugs arrive and shoot up the trees, trying to hit Mike and Jenny, who then go on foot across the crest of the Coast Ranges, avoiding a dangerous helicopter. Unexpected romance is stifled.

Harry's sleazy brother Homer is hiding near Duncan with his not too bright girlfriend.

At Duncan, while Mike's away, Suzanne, another agent, is shot by Harry, who forces Jenny to leave with him, Homer and the girlfriend. The women try to get word to police. Escape attempt is futile.

Further up the coast, Homer tries to steal a cabin cruiser and is shot dead. Harry leaves Homer's girlfriend and her grandfather in a burning house, unknown to Jenny, whom he forces to go with him.

Harry's brother Leroy has a hideout on the coast. The lecherous Leroy tries to take over Jenny. As Leroy and Harry start to leave by boat with Jenny, Mike finds them, lands on the boat from the cliff. A furious fight leaves Harry dead and Leroy a prisoner.

Jenny and Mike, free of the danger and heading south to a port where police await, give in to stored up passion and make out in the cabin.
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