Screenplay - Adventure / Suspense
At a remote resort, Lori's fiancé claims to be an undercover agent and twists her into knots with lies and murder while two women from his past each try to kill her, as she fights the painful truth and evades the local sheriff.  WG#: 617480

Complete Synopsis:
Lori is about to marry Frank Nero, a part-time actor and "government secret agent". He is actually a part-time actor and full-time hood. Each time she has doubt, he has an answer. She "sees" his contact man. The viewer is kept in the dark until well into the story. Lori only learns the truth in the last few pages.

He claims to work undercover for a kingpin named Fandana. Nero, on the run, tells her Fandana framed him for some killings. To save himself and secure Fandana's cooperation, Nero has stolen a ledger. He tells Lori they are both in danger but he can't get help as other agents will fall. He sends her to High Echo, an eerie resort on the northern California coast. She carries the ledger.

Enroute by air taxi, she stumbles into Ben Ericson, a deputy sheriff who has been off work because of shotgun injury to his leg.At the resort, she encounters Nero's mentally disturbed wife Marion, whom he claims to have divorced, but who also, unknown to Lori, had hidden his loot from an old armored car robbery some years back. Nero has reserved Marion's old room for Lori.

Carolyn, the lodge owner's daughter, is secretly involved with Nero, and she is deadly. Carolyn also had been Ben Ericson's fiancé but had deserted him when she thought he was going to lose his leg.Ben Ericson becomes Lori's protector and soon suspects she is the sought after girlfriend of Nero, who is wanted for murder.Several attempts are made on Lori's life, one by the jealous Carolyn, another by Marion. Ben saves her. An insurance investigator is murdered. Nero comes in disguise.

Nero's lies and twists to his story are driving her wild. She doesn't know what to believe from one minute to the next and is afraid to confide in Ben, to whom she is more and more attracted.

When Nero learns Marion had hidden his loot in the dangerous caves, a closed tourist attraction, he drags Lori there. Carolyn stops them in route with gun in hand, and he kills her. Now Lori knows he's been lying and never was an agent, and she's in real trouble.

A couple called the McGhees turn out to be on contract to kill both Lori and Nero. They follow them to the caves. Ben, badly wounded in ambush by Nero, arrives for the showdown. In the fight, she saves Ben's life as well. They end up together.
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