Screenplay - Romantic Comedy

Casey, young Fed, protects grumpy old computer nerd Wally, who moves to mobile park with moocher pal, while inept thugs seek Wally's encryptions and both Casey and Wally tangle with women who are Married to the Mob.    WG#: 668231

Complete Synopsis:
Young Federal officer Casey Jones, a stiff military type, is assigned to protect grumpy, elderly Wally, a slob but brilliant computer nerd working on secret government encryptions.

Wally moves to a vast mobile home park which has mostly seniors. A confirmed bachelor and a workaholic, Wally is thrust into a paradise of unattached women. He has a pal Bert (a moocher) who was paid by the mob to bring Wally to the park.

Wally's home is across from Bert's. Wally's neighbors are Julianna Gimini, a young beauty held in check by the mob, and her grandmother, Josephine Gimini, a gorgeous widow. Next to Bert, two inept thugs keep an eye on Wally and the women.

Wally, who has a small dog, fights with Josephine and her cat, but he and Bert target other women with comic results as the women hold out for marriage.Wally is a mess. He plays music loud at night when Josephine wants to sleep. He fights his attraction to her, but risks his neck in a tree to rescue her cat.On an excursion to Lake Tahoe, Wally and Josephine become involved, resulting in Wally's fight with one of the thugs, who inadvertently shoots himself in the foot.

Jeremy, her young hacker grandson, ties up with Wally, who uses him to test his security software.

Casey, meanwhile, gets tangled up with Julianna, who is promised to a mobster's son. Casey finds himself adopting Wally's sloppy way of life.Big Louie, a crime boss who had his own brother, Josephine's husband, killed so he could have her, had fled the country.

Big Louie returns to grab Josephine, Jeremy and the encryptions, while having Wally targeted for the river. Park seniors rally to their defense. The mob closes in at the same time as Casey, who is NSA, and the FBI, CIA and Secret Service, all after Big Louie. Bert becomes a hero despite himself.

Wally and Josephine will marry. Casey, smitten with Julianna, is headed the same direction.
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