Screenplay - Romantic Comedy

Bride-to-be and best man, hate each other, are lost in the Sierras after a light plane crash while the groom to-be is consoled at Lake Tahoe by the maid of honor.   WG#: 657927

Complete Synopsis:
Ginger, the bride-to-be and Sam, the best man, who hate each other, hit a wild storm and crash land in the high Sierras in his light plane.

Sam is convinced she is after Charlie's money. Ginger is convinced his tales of big game hunting, spying, and flying the bush in Alaska are all fantasy. She believes he is trying to impress Charlie to get money from him. Both have head wounds and barely escape the plane before it bursts into flame. It is raining. Fouled instruments have landed them in the Wilderness area, far off course.

Their struggle for survival pits them against each other. Sam fights off his concussion as he teaches her how to stay alive in the mountains. At length, she has to admit, he is no phoney.

Meanwhile, at Lake Tahoe, Charlie is being consoled by Susie, a bridesmaid, who is desperate to take him away from Ginger. After a day, Charlie's snobbish parents, unhappy with the marriage, arrive at the lake. Susie goes to work on them. The parents have other plans for Charlie: a corporate marriage.

Up in the mountains, Ginger and Sam are confronted by a charging bear. Sam, who had found himself with "buck fever", overcomes his handicap and shoots the sow, which only suffers a severe headache and ambles off with its cubs. At the same time, Ginger, on the edge of a cliff to escape the bear, falls as the edge gives way. Sam goes after her. He rescues her from the river but his concussion is getting worse. When he later blacks out, Ginger, who is suffering from exposure, makes a heroic walk to a nearby lake and Harper, an old man living in a cabin. Sam is brought in by sled, recovers enough to soak the delirious Ginger in a hot bath. They are later rescued.

At the hospital, Ginger is calling for Sam. It's Charlie who goes to her bedside, but she ends it with him. An angry Charlie goes back to the lobby and tries to hit Sam, who ducks and floors him. Susie escorts a distraught Charlie out of the hospital. Sam goes to Ginger to discover they love and need each other.
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