Television Series - Historical / Western

PILOT: Elena and her cousin, a government agent, try to identify a preacher in 1879 Wyoming Territory as Booth, following one of many tales that Booth is alive.  WG#: 762968  

Complete Synopsis:
PILOT: (Based on Lee's existing screenplay: THE SECRET TRAILS: TRAIL OF THE ASSASSIN BOOTH.)

In 1879, Elena and her cousin Keith, an agent on special assignment by President Hayes, are searching for Booth, rumored to be alive.Elena may be able to recognize Booth and his look-alike, both of whom she had met years before. They suspect Booth may be Bowes, a flamboyant preacher in Wyoming Territory.

The preacher is tied in with a cattle company that buys stolen cattle from vicious men. He has secret affairs with many women, including Joanna Corley, whose husband works for the cattle company. Fanatics surrounding Bowes pay for information from Hayes' personal secretary, who warns them of Elena and her cousin.

On the train, Keith and Elena are stalked by assigned killers. Keith is murdered as he shoves Elena off the rear platform. She makes her way toward Castle Springs and Bowes. She is found by Sam Justice, a lawyer. When she finally meets Bowes, he does not recognize her. She is uncertain of his identity.

The preacher is unaware of the killing of Joanna Corley's husband, who had found them together when Bowes was drunk.

A local gunman, Renshaw, takes her in hand and covers for her. The preacher is then arrested for the murder.Sam, who already represents Elena, is the only available lawyer and, despite a conflict of interest, is forced to represent Bowes, who is wrongly accused.

When Bowes is convicted, the fanatics rescue him and head for the Medicine Bow Mountains, taking Elena with them, intending to silence her connection to the president and use her as hostage.

Sam is in pursuit as all collide with marauding Cheyennes. In the conclusion, she suspects that Bowes may indeed be Booth, but is she certain?FUTURE EPISODES: Other agents are on board as Elena is drafted by the President. Elena finds herself deeper and deeper into more episodes of search for traitors and to discover deadly secrets. Sam becomes her occasional protector. (As an option, Elena can marry Sam and retire. Then every episode can be about a different agent on a different assignment, each hopefully finding romance.)
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